Attack and decay time extension

Pulling the "attack" knob will give you attack of 5 seconds and decay til 3 minutes.
Press the red button and play a song !

Pot to replace with push-pull one :
- "attack"

The idea is to add a 10F tantalum capacitor in parallel with C46 (1F) on board B, respecting  polarity : - to - and + to +.
Solder one lead only to a C46's lead and the other lead to a cable connected the "D" lug.
Run a cable between the "E" lug and the other lead of C46, so when the push-pull is pulled, the 10F capacitor is in parallel with C46, total value is 11F.
Twist the cables and use tantalum caps, electrolytics might not retrigger.

Same mod can be done for on and off times, by adding a 22F electrolytic cap to C48 (2F).

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