208 DIY sets promotional offer

The promotional offer at discount price is over. All the sets are sold out.
Thank you !

The new ones should be available in late February.

Please read the Frequently Asked Questions and
build thread

Cards pics showing components layout and values
BOM and build notes (updated with calibration instructions)

Do you prefer a custom built plug and play module ? Contact me

PCB set
- motherboard

- cards 1 - 6 board with v-score
- cards 7 - 12 board with v-score
- gold plated transfer card
- 2 x pA726 (replacement chiclet for ľA726)
- ww registered/tracked shipping

High quality panel and reverb frame should be available separately in February to people who bought this PCB set, price should be 180€ shipped.

Sold out, should be available again in February
Price should be in the 300€ range

PCB set + panel + reverb frame
- PCB set as described above
- High quality front panel
- reverb frame
- ww registered/tracked shipping

Sold out,
should be available again in February
Price should be in the 500€ range


The beautiful Rogan Alpha series knobs on the picture above are available thanks to a nice guy who convinced Rogan to re-manufacture them. He also builds the prettiest custom Zero Halliburton suitcases you'll ever find.

Maybe you'll be also interested in these related PCBs

Mini distro board, a small and handy +15V/+12V/+5V/-15V PSU PCB
Fits in a standard boat together with a 208, below the sequencer, but one of its connectors has to be cut.

208 ToolBox and BOB Expander, useful plug and play 208 expanders

The PCBs come unpopulated and without parts. I assume no liability for personal injury or damage to equipment or loss of use caused directly or indirectly by the use of these PCBs. The build should only be performed by those experienced in electronics with access to a good oscilloscope and frequency meter.