The 208p

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Pre-built 208p

I'll be happy to build a top notch plug and play 208p for you, with custom features to meet your own needs and preferences.

The basic price is 2750 VAT excl. The lead time is 4 to 12 weeks depending on my other jobs pending.
Each pre-built 208p comes perfectly working and calibrated, deeply tested, with invoice and 3 year full warranty.

Contact me for more info.

DIY 208p

The new revision of the 208p PCBs and full kits are available from SAmodular.
I don't sell retail PCB sets of the new revision myself but you're welcome to
contact me for orders of 10 sets or more.

The 208p PCB set includes

  • motherboard and boards 1 to 12
  • gold plated transfer card
  • a pair of pA726
  • a DG200A-dapter

The original curved tracks design and 208p improvements and fixes are preserved on the new revision.
hat's new ?
  • the missing small track on board 2 is fixed
  • the tracks routing below the pots is improved to prevent short risks
  • the black or blue soldermask masks all tracks and vias
  • the silkscreen shows both the parts values and name (the name remains visible when the part is soldered in place, to ease troubleshooting) on all boards and both VTL5C3 and VTL5C3/2 pinouts on boards 10 and 11
  • the 5 sequencer LED 220 ohms resistors are silkscreened on bottom side to ease selection test according to the LEDs used
  • a signal output header connector eases the connection to external audio outs for installation in a suitcase
  • +5v, Q and N grounds are immediately available on the program card edge connector for digital cards

Luther offers the nicest "Almost Zero" custom suitcases. Very professional work and service, a pleasure to deal with.

208p "vintage" revision with bare tracks and no silkscreen DIY PCB sets sale

Contact me to order

The PCB set includes
- 208p "vintage" revision unsilkscreened - bare tracks
- transfer card
- DG200A-dapter
- 2 x pA726
- reverb frame

Front panels are available from other sources.

1 set : 280
2 sets : 520
3 sets : 720
4 sets : 880
5 sets : 1000

UPS shipping included.
VAT not included.

Payment :
Bank transfer if you're in the EU.
Wise or PayPal (+6% to cover their fees - no f&f) if you're outside EU.