The 208p

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Pre-built 208p

I'll be happy to build a top notch plug and play 208p for you, with custom features to meet your own needs and preferences.

The basic price is 2750Ä VAT excl. The lead time is 4 to 12 weeks depending on my other jobs pending.
Each pre-built 208p comes perfectly working and calibrated, deeply tested, with invoice and 3 year full warranty.

Contact me for more info.

Some feedback on my builds

DIY 208p

The new revision of the 208p PCBs and full kits are available from SAmodular.
I don't sell retail PCB sets of the new revision myself but you're welcome to
contact me for orders of 10 sets or more.
The previous "vintage" revision with bare tracks and no silkscreen remains available at retail from me as long as stock lasts, contact me to order.

The 208p PCB set includes

  • motherboard and boards 1 to 12
  • gold plated transfer card
  • a pair of pA726
  • a DG200A-dapter

The original curved tracks design and 208p improvements and fixes are preserved on the new revision.
hat's new ?
  • the missing small track on board 2 is fixed
  • the tracks routing below the pots is improved to prevent short risks
  • the black or blue soldermask masks all tracks and vias
  • the silkscreen shows both the parts values and name (the name remains visible when the part is soldered in place, to ease troubleshooting) on all boards and both VTL5C3 and VTL5C3/2 pinouts on boards 10 and 11
  • the 5 sequencer LED 220 ohms resistors are silkscreened on bottom side to ease selection test according to the LEDs used
  • a signal output header connector eases the connection to external audio outs for installation in a suitcase (compatible with the BEMI / Buchla USA suitcase wiring)
  • +5v, Q and N grounds are immediately available on the program card edge connector for digital cards






Luther offers the nicest "Almost Zero" custom suitcases. Very professional work and service, a pleasure to deal with.


Some feedback on my builds

"I realized I hadnít taken the time to really thank you for the easel and the work and care you put into it.  I really couldnít be happier with it. 
I was able to move it into the case that Luther made for me recently and it struck me, while doing so, how complicated a machine this really is.  What also impressed me was not only the level of detail and craftsmanship that you put into building it up, but also the level of knowledge, experience and real love youíve put into designing such an homage to the original.  I feel very fortunate to have an instrument like this and canít thank you enough. 
Iím sure itís going to take me many years to begin to understand and unravel its secret (not to mention the other tools youíve provided Ė toolbox, hub, bob, etc).  Iím really looking forward to the journey.
Thanks again!" - Sean - CA, USA

"Constantin built my 208p for me. He built the most beautiful module I've ever owned. It sounds absolutely incredible. It's a perfect easel. I love it! Anyway, I bought one of his PSU's as well and he sent me two gorgeous boats to house the easel. Both Luther and Constantin gave me massive amounts of advice for my pathetically noob wiring brain, and actually got me to the point where I could wire this case. It's not the most complex thing in the world, but for a super noob... it's HUGE. I'm so happy to say that I nailed the wiring, and only had to redo it 3 times! haha. Everything is working perfectly. Because of a great idea that  Papz had, I wired the red banana straight to the positive on my VU meter so I can measure output voltages from the buchla with it. Which is way more fun since I have no plans to ever perform live and will never run this off a car battery... although I guess if I'm out at a 70's style acid party in the countryside that might happen LOL. Anyway, thank you so much Luther and Constantin! You're the best!" - Justin - CA, USA

"Itís here, and itís just fantastic!! 😍
Iím still testing it, but so far it seems to have made the travel unharmed, everything seems to work.
I canít test the card slot - I will come back to you and buy one of those.
It sounds so much better than the Bemi, I can hardly believe my ears. Itís like my 200 system had a baby...the envelope is so sweet." - Jenna - Sweden

"The easel arrived and it sounds incredible, truly amazing - the bass and organic ness is far beyond ANY synth ive heard.
The build quality is amazing - great job.
I spent 12 hours playing it the first day and I get lost in it every day.
I look forward to ordering some cards from you in the near future!
Thank you again for this incredible instrument." - Dario - Canada

"I can only recommend a built one from Papz - that thing works and sounds incredible. Earlier on I had a Bemi Easel, which I enjoyed, but the 208p I fell in love with, it has changed my approach even, very inspiring." - Siren

"I got it today and well packed as usual (thanks!)
It looks lovely and I have exchanged the Bemi 208 in one of my Bemi easel and popped yours in and its sounds great !
All works - using the 3 pin cable I take the sound from my bemi case and so on!
I have only tested in 10 minutes but this one is a keeper - for me a huge difference from a stock Bemi 208 (which I think is better than the new 208c..)
But this one has character and sounds gritty / fuller and when turning up am / fm mod man what a sound!
Also the reverb is great... There must be something wrong with the reverbīs on the bemi both of mine drops alot in volume and almost donīt have any of the dry signal left?
Iīm sitting with a smile just listening on a arpeggio which plays from the mod osc triggered by the pulser which have some random length and 50% reverb added and man its beautiful!
I could not be happier...
Thanks again Constantin... I will let you know more when I have played more with it and also tried the toolbox card." - Daniel - Sweden

"Did some more playing on my 208P and also with the card and the tone is more wood like more thud and modulation have alot more sweetspots plus I really dig my LP gates / filter the vactrols sound great!
And I love the reverb.. This is how the Synthi reverb sound like or at least similar - it has alot of charachter and opens up completely for me.. "
- Daniel - Sweden (again)

"Wow, the 208 sounds fantastic! Way better than I imagined.
Having the cards as well as the 208 was a bit overwhelming but in a good way. Thereís lots of exploring to be done.
Thanks again mate, I love it!
Itís really fine workmanship, service and generosity." - Ben - UK

"I've powered up the 208 & all looks wonderful !
All seems to be working great ! 
The env mod working great !
Very happy with everything !
Thank you so much !" -
Sonic Boom - Portugal

"The Filter /timbre sounds on it are boss .
I love those filters .
The fenix 2 has one ...very sweet ....
Its been running very happily since arrival .
Gotta say I'm very happy with it !
Just learning what NOT to do on it !
But the synthi is like that a bit too, right  ??
I'm really liking some of the features of the BOB you gave me .....
Thank you !!
All useful stuff." - Sonic Boom - Portugal (again)

"Sorry the late answer, been busy with the buchla ;)
What a beast <3
I'm really really happy!! The sound is unbelievable crazy and crunchy!!! No doubt that I'm gonna spend the rest of my life with it :))
Cheers from a happy man
" - Luca - Denmark

"I had a chance to install the 208 today - first impression is Wow! the sound is amazing, in a whole other league than the BEMI for sure!!
Wow it's phenomenal, man. The sound, the build quality, everything rock solid. It just oozes quality. Amazing - thank u so much. Far and away the best 208 I've ever tried."
- Nick - UK

"The 208p you built for me back in 2020 is sounding better every day!" - Nick - UK (again)

"I have finally tried the 208! Got the boat and 218 today so haven't had the opportunity earlier.
It sounds even better than I expected!
Thank you so much for both an excellent instrument and a super nice buying experience." - Johan - Sweden

"Constantin- the easel arrived today and I am STOKED!!
Thank you for building me such a beautiful instrumentÖ it sounds even better than I expected!
Totally what I dreamed and more- thanks again for all your patience making this dream a realityí
I absolutely love the easel- it sounds incredible... Love how finished the sound is with absolutely no processing whatsoever!
Small price to pay for the TONE." - Lucian - Canada

"I got home couple of days ago and had the chance to play a bit with my newly built 208 😬
What can I say?...exactly what I was expecting and more. The difference in sound between the "p" and the "c" is huge, to my ears at least.
Thank you for such a well crafted and rich sounding synth. I really treasure it and I look forward to spending a lot of time playing and exploring it. " - Valentin - Romania

"Thanks for a great build and for a fantastic packing job as well.The Easel is absolutely gorgeous and so much fun to play!
Well worth waiting for. I donít think this instrument will leave me ever" - Thorsten - Singapore

"Your jewel sounds like a charm!
Though I keep being quite aimlessly unproductive on my music experience, as soon as I can I enjoy to dive among the endless waves of the 208p.
I enchantedly dig down deep into the kaleidoscopic aquarium you build 💥Ö and Iím totally mesmerised 💫"
- Diego - France

"Yesterday I enjoyed very much the instrument. I tried to rescue the only patch I did in April, with the Easel Command. The unit sounds like a charme! Most of the options are still waiting for exploration, e.g. I have used only the main output which delivers stunning beefy and crispy waves, with punchy amplitude modulations dynamics. The 208c dynamics is digital compared to it.
I am very happy of my second marriage :-)" - Diego - France (again)

"It sounds incredibly good, I'm obviously very far from having explored everything and the job will leave me little time for the moment... But what a synth! And cards bring so many possibilities! I'm really impressed with the sound of the VCS3 vcos...
It's a real beast to tame, an expressive instrument and for me a big turning point that challenges my musical approach to synths a bit: here I'm entering unruly and sometimes risky territory, and I really like it :)
Thanks a lot ! I am very happy to have chosen your work and I will recommend you without hesitation, your follow-up was imperial from start to finish and I am delighted with the result!" - Mathias - France

"Thanks to papz I now have a finished 208r/218r Easel with a Synthi card installed and I am quite impressed.
I built most of the Easel myself, but recently realized that I can't finished it -- I just don't have the time to build *and* play/write music, so I gave up and asked for papz' help.
After losing one of two parcels in the post (it magically reappeared after 2 weeks), he went to work and finished, fixed and calibrated it. To avoid the same problem, yesterday I drove to Belgium, met up with him, picked up the Easel, raced back home and got lost in sound for the whole night....;)
I can't thank him enough, he really went out of his way to make it a beautiful sounding, awesome looking instrument and I am very grateful.
If you have been thinking about asking someone to build you a Music Easel, I can recommend papz!" - Kai - Germany

"I bought a prebuilt 208p a few months ago. The builder was a solid honest guy, while I believe he really did his best, things didn't feel right. Several "issues" were obvious to me, several other issues I became aware of only after I had it repaired and I saw a working easel.
I got in touch with Constantin (Papz) to see if he would be willing to fix things up for me. I received my easel back and the sound is unbelievable. Everything in the 208p works as should. It works better than I imagined. The sound is the best I have heard from an easel. From the beginning on, whether it be shipping arrangements or keeping me up to date, the service was first class. The price for the repair was more than fair. He even gave me a 1 year warranty for the repairs he made.
At the time of ordering my easel I was unaware of the fact that he also offers prebuilt units. I would have gone that route.
In saying his prices are fair I'm not saying this was a cheap endeavour. I don't recommend the route of having a damaged/badly built unit repaired, too many things can go wrong. I consider myself lucky that things worked out.
As a customer, I have rarely received this quality of service." - Chris - Germany