The 208 Hub

The Hub makes it possible to plug 3 cards side-by-side to a 208 or Easel, or even up to 6 thanks the rear edge connector of the ToolBox series cards.
  • Works with any existing card or expander
  • 3mm thick 4-layer PCB for best stability and rigidity
  • M/F stackable gold plated banana plugs to access the panel banana sockets used for mounting
  • Gold plated transfer card
  • Easy plug and play design
  • 2 power solutions :
    Passive Hub : the Hub's power rails are connected to the 208/Easel's +/- 15V rails. Most PSUs (BEMI/Buchla USA, 211r, Meanwell PD2515) should be able to power 3 cards or more this way.
    Powered Hub : an optional +/-15V PSU is added to the Hub to avoid extra load on the Easel's internal PSU. This solution is mostly intended for the early BEMI Easels with a weak internal PSU, the Hub daisy chains off the power brick supplied with the BEMI Easel so there is no extra wall outlet needed.
    If you don't know which PSU is inside your Easel, this simple test is a good indicator : insert - vertically, not at an angle, to avoid a short in the contacts - a card such as the 208 ToolBox or VCS3 Card, if the Easel's oscillators pitch changes, the PSU is weak and a powered Hub is recommended.
    A powered Hub can be used in any configuration and accepts DC input from 9V to 36V.

There are 3 revisions of the Hub to match each 208 revision's own holes placement :
208e (BEMI and Buchla USA)
208c / Easel Command (Buchla USA)
208p, 208r, original 70s 208
Please select the one that fits your own Easel or 208 exact type.

Contact me for a pre-built Hub, the price is 240 (+75 if the power option is required), VAT and shipping not included.
It comes ready to use with the edge connectors soldered, golden banana plugs and transfer card. To avoid travel damage, the banana plugs are not installed, installation is straightforward and no tool is needed.

DIY PCB sets and kits are available from SAmodular.
I no longer sell retail PCB sets myself but you're welcome to contact me for orders of 10 sets or more.

Users manual

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208c / Easel Command

Thanks to Todd Barton for the videos

Thanks to Krzysztof Krasowski for the videos

  I assume no liability for personal injury or damage to equipment or loss of use caused directly or indirectly by the use of the Hub.