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Model 208 Program Card

This resistor program card for the 208 and Music Easel is compatible with any 208 except the 208r rev1.
It features a large perfboard with +/-15V power rails, 0V and 3 spots to mount either a switch or a 9mm snap-in pot to build your own expanding circuits.
 The perfboard part can be cut off if not needed by folding the card along the bottom row of holes.
An edge connector can be added to the back like on the ToolBox or VCS3 Card.

The card is gold plated.

The programmation is detailed in the Meta-programming section of the Music Easel users manual.

On the first batch, a small error occurred, 2 traces cross.
The card comes fixed : a trace is cut, it's the one to fire the sequencer or random from the keyboard.
A bridge should be added between the pulser and random "k" eyelets with a piece of wire or resistor lead.
The bridge is needed to trigger the sequencer or random from the keyboard only, otherwise, the card works as is.

Because of this small error, the first batch is available at discount price :)
120 EUR for 10 cards including worldwide tracked shipping
75 EUR for 5 cards
including worldwide tracked shipping

Model 208 Program Card