The Sequential Voltage Source Doubler Card for 208

The Sequential Voltage Source Doubler Card adds a second row to the 208's 5 stages sequencer with some facilities.
It's both intuitive and easy to access, while allowing hyper creative escapes.

The card is immediately available pre-built for 200 euros - VAT and shipping not included.
  Contact me to order.

Users manual

Many thanks to Todd Barton for the videos !


- 5 voltage level pots
- 5 on-off-on pulse switches for gate (stage length) - mute - pulse (short trigger)
- pulse output
- pulse output on-off-on switch to fire either the envelope generator or pulser
- main voltage output
- transposed voltage output with multiturn trimmers to fine tune each transpose
- high and low transpose on-off-on switch
- portamento output mini slide switch to select if the main or transposed voltage is routed to the portamento
- portamento rate pot with lin/log response mini slide switch
- stages # CV input
- stages # control on-off-on switch : 2 stages or CV
- rear edge connector for plugging in another card

Important note about the 208c / Easel Command / late 208e
On these revisions the sequencer 5th stage out of the card slot is replaced by a +10V signal which upsets the card's operation.
The card can be used however thanks to an internal jumper on the card to disconnect this output, when disabled only the 4 first stages are active and the 5th is a gap when running on 5 stages.